Being with the Earth

A One Day Retreat
Cynthia Overweg
Being with the Earth

Saturday April 23 Retreat (Krotona Classroom and Gardens)
10 am – 4:30 pm PDT

Those who contemplate the beauty of the Earth find reserves of
strength that will endure as long as life lasts.
Rachel Carson

To be in harmony with the beauty of the Earth is also to be in harmony with ourselves. And this inner harmony points to what is silent and sacred about us and the Earth itself. If we know how to look and listen, the sacred reveals itself in the whole of creation. This retreat is designed to help us recover and embrace our deep connection with the timeless, pulsating aliveness of the natural world. Our aim is to take a restful pause from the busy activities of daily life to be in a peaceful and beautiful setting where we can relax, de-stress and be in the presence of what unites us with nature and with each other.
Our day together includes quietude in nature, a gentle practice of listening and seeing with inner awareness, walking meditation, meditative inquiry, sacred music and body/mind relaxation. Together we’ll explore how our senses and our attention connect us with the vitality and beauty of nature and with our own innermost being.
Morning or afternoon session $20, Day $35
Bring your own vegetarian lunch, or enjoy a Rainbow Bridge box lunch for $12.
Cynthia Overweg facilitates workshops and retreats that focus on self-transformation and inner stillness. She is the author of Silent Awareness: The Revelation That Changes Everything (2021) and numerous articles and essays about the spiritual quest. Her love of the natural world began in childhood when she lived on an island and had the freedom to roam and explore some of nature’s hidden treasures.

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