Let’s Talk About Death

Joslyn Lawrence
Let’s Talk About Death

March 7 – 28 (Krotona Garden or Library Patio)
Four Mondays 10:30 am – noon PT
How do we walk more consciously into the fact that all of us die? Come together in a space of inquiry, sitting with fears and revelations around the subject of our mortality as we presence ourselves with this complex subject. We will look at cultural constructs and share personal stories that guide us to know ourselves deeper as we walk towards one of the two most significant events in our lives. The month-long series includes meditation homework and journaling to take home in between. All are welcome.
Single Session $15, Series $50
Joslyn Lawrence is trained in Death Midwifery and Hospice. She holds a degree in Spiritual Psychology, with 550+ hours of Yoga studies, is a parent and a long-time Fine Artist. She weaves years of personal practice and experience into a unique way of holding space for life transitions and grief literacy. Joslyn is a firm believer that if we embrace, and even love the fact that we are all going to die someday, it could greatly impact our lives and our culture. She facilitates open discussions around what it means to be an Elder and an Elder-in-Training, and holds Grief Circles, Death Cafes, plus dance, movement, and sound classes focused on being present with What Is as an essential daily practice.

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