Waking up in Time: An Afternoon with Peter Russell

Peter Russell

Saturday April 20 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm PT On-site and on Zoom. On-site seating is limited. Please register early.

Explore the essence of spiritual awakening and its relevance to our lives today
with a leading thinker on consciousness and contemporary spirituality.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the global crises facing us are, at their root, a crisis of consciousness.  We are being called to let go of self-centered, materialist ways of thinking and open to the wisdom of our true nature. As numerous spiritual adepts have discovered, beneath our everyday consciousness, with its hopes, fears, plans, and worries, lies the natural mind, untarnished by the stories we tell ourselves and the roles we play. Here we feel at home, fully at ease, and content.

Sharing his own journey of self-discovery, and integrating ideas from Eastern and Western models of the mind, Peter will explore questions such as: What is awakening? Why do we get caught in egoic thinking? Can we let go and open to the inner peace, love, and freedom that we yearn for? How will this change our relationship to others and to planet Earth. He will also share some practices that clarify and deepen meditation, allowing us to open more easily to the stillness within. The key is surrendering all effort and resistance. It is simply opening to the fullness of the present moment.
$20 or donation.

Peter Russell coined the term “ global brain” with his 1980s bestseller of the same name in which he predicted the Internet and the impact it would have on humanity. He is the author of ten other books, including Waking Up in Time, From Science to God, and most recently Letting Go of Nothing and Forgiving Humanity. He studied theoretical physics, experimental psychology, and computer science at the University of Cambridge, and meditation and Eastern Philosophy in India. He also pioneered the introduction of personal growth programs to corporations in the 1970s and ‘80s. He believes the critical challenge today is freeing human thinking from the limited beliefs and attitudes that lie behind many of our problems—personal, social, and global.