Pablo Sender

The practice of meditation is frequently approached from the point of view that we are separate individuals seeking for happiness or liberation. This perspective, however, imposes important limitations as to how far the meditative exploration can take us. In this meditation retreat, Pablo Sender leads a series of guided meditations geared toward attuning our individual consciousness with its universal roots, thus awakening a deeper understanding of our true nature. The retreat consists of short presentations explaining the different techniques to be used, followed by 30-minute practice sessions, which start with guided meditations before passing into silent work.

Price: $15
Number of Videos: 2
Total Length: 3 hours, 19 minutes

Pablo Sender, PhD, has served the TS since joining in Argentina in 1996, including several years as a staff member at the international (Adyar) and American national headquarters. Pablo presents theosophical programs worldwide in English and Spanish, guides on-line classes, and contributes regularly to theosophical journals.