Krotona Library

Krotona Library was founded in 1912 when Krotona was located in Hollywood, and was moved to Ojai along with the Institute in 1924. The library emphasizes the ageless wisdom tradition, or Theosophy, and spiritual traditions of East and West. Students and research scholars are welcome.

Explore the ageless wisdom tradition, Theosophy, and spiritual traditions of East and West.

Our Collection

Our collection includes nearly 8,000 titles and contains a wide range of materials including DVDs, texts, journals, and study guides on

  • theosophy
  • religion and philosophy
  • meditation and healing
  • death and dying
  • yoga
  • science and spirituality
  • and more

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The Joy Mills Collection

The Krotona Library hosts an extensive collection of lectures, essays, articles, photographs, correspondence, and over 500 annotated books by distinguished Theosophical scholar Joy Mills.

The collection is available to scholars, writers, researches and students.

Our immediate task is to effect within ourselves such a transformation as will bring about the birth of a new individual. —Joy Mills


Krotona library is open to all. Visitors may explore the collection, relax in the peaceful atmosphere of the library, study in comfortable surroundings, and check out interesting books.

The Library loans its collection to residents of Ventura and Santa Barbara counties, in addition to serving Krotona’s resident scholars, faculty and students.

Membership Fee: $15 per year

H. S. Olcott Memorial Library (Wheaton, IL)

An expanded theosophical resource is available through the collection of the Henry S. Olcott Memorial Library in Wheaton, Illinois. For more information contact the Library.

Borrowing Policy

Books: 1-3 titles for up to 3 weeks.
DVDs, videos: 1-2 titles/1 week/small rental fee.

An additional one week renewal may be requested by phone or email.

Library Hours

Wednesday – Saturday 12 – 5
Sunday 1 – 5
Monday – Tuesday Closed