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Theme: Reflections

Welcome to Krotona School of Theosophy’s 2021 winter/spring classes. Please check the listings from time to time, as additional classes will be added during this semester. We continue with all classes on Zoom, with faculty presenting live from Krotona or from home. We plan to resume on-site classes next fall as permitted again, along with streaming.

One theme emerging from our spring offerings is Reflection. No one can doubt the challenges we’ve faced together this past year, nor the united effort needed to achieve a measure of peace within ourselves and our world. Meaningful change begins with respectful, earnest inquiry and fresh insights. We will consider ancient truths regarding human nature, the source of all transforming change, intriguing questions regarding death, surprising elements of an authentic mysticism, essential teachings of the Ageless Wisdom, the revelatory nature of silent awareness.

Class Format
Classes are usually one or two hours in length. Interaction varies with faculty, but always includes ample time for exchange. With faculty approval, recordings will be available for on-demand viewing after completion of the series. Additional information regarding live streaming and Zoom technical support is provided with confirmation of your enrollment.

Minimal fees help us meet the educational and operations requirements of a unique non-profit, international center. Krotona Institute is fortunate that all of our directors, department managers, and TS faculty volunteer their services. Our resident community also gives generously of their time and experience. Essential fees and donations are applied directly for educational resources and a healthy, sustainable, and comfortable learning environment.

Scholarships are available. Every request is honored as best we can. Contact registrar Annie Johnstone, at the email below, who will guide you through enrollment. Donations above the tuition fee, in any amount, are also welcome. An essential support for all aspects of Krotona’s outreach, your donations help us make scholarships available for others.

Register for a single session or full series, using the following options. School office hours: 9 am – 5 pm Pacific Time.

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Quantum Presence: Exploring Tele-connections as a Collective Spiritual Deepening Evolution

Gabriele Uhlein

February 19, March 19, April 16, May 21, 2 – 4 pm PDT

The world is “zooming”! E-connecting is a new human “normal”. Can such emergent “presencing” evolve into a spiritual deepening practice? Are we evolving our human capacity for non-local presence at a species level? Drawing on her background in process theology and phenomenology, the reflections of Teilhard de Chardin, and world view of Perennial Wisdom, S. Gabe Uhlein will offer commentary and practice. The sessions are engaging, experiential and designed for mutual discovery and insight. Offered as a series of four monthly explorations, each session is dedicated to a different emergent aspect of our shared e-reality. Join us as you are able, for one session or for all four. Come and explore the possibilities with us.

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Key Teachings in The Secret Doctrine and Their Relevance Today

Elena Dovalsantos
Series: Four Tuesday Mornings

April 6, 13, 20, 27
10 am – Noon PDT

The Secret Doctrine, HP Blavatsky’s greatest work, forms the foundation of what we know today as “Theosophy.” Its teachings have been given to the world in various forms by sages throughout the ages and remain timeless, answering the most fundamental questions of existence. Only by realizing the answers to these perennial questions can we truly understand ourselves and our world, achieve true transformation, and shape our own destinies. In this course, we will explore some of the most important concepts in The Secret Doctrine and see how the teachings apply to our lives today. Different versions of this series have been given in various settings including the School of the Wisdom at Adyar, Chennai, India in December 2019.

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Silent Awareness: The Revelation That Changes Everything

Cynthia Overweg

Series: Four Thursday Mornings

April 8, 15, 22, 29
10:00 – 11:30 am PDT

There is a silence which predates time. It was there before we were born and will be there when we die. The Buddha called it “empty space, the home of the awakened mind.” In the Book of Acts, it is the silence in which “we live and move and have our being.” To the mystic, it is the voice of the eternal calling us home to our true self. This powerful and healing presence has always been within us and around us, yet with rare exceptions, it goes unnoticed. Why? What stands in the way? In this four-part series, we explore what prevents us from being aware of the awareness that radically changes everything we think we know about life and death. In the deepest sense, we are the awareness that is silent, but we have forgotten it. The question is, and always has been, can we learn to remember? What is required of us? In each session, we’ll look at ways we can be aware of the sacred silence which transcends the ordinary mind. The bold aim of this program is to encounter the inner peace which sets us free.Click here to learn more and register… 


Crisis, Interdependence and the Fabric of Compassion

Linda and Pedro Oliveira

Four Afternoons

May 3 – 6
Monday – Thursday 4 – 6 pm PDT

The unprecedented crisis which has been brought about by Covid-19 has revealed to the whole world what Theosophical teachings have upheld from time immemorial:  interdependence is an essential part of humanity’s evolution and the whole of existence.   In this series we will probe into the meaning and purpose of crises, and how the current pandemic has brought to the surface the truth that no one lives or dies for himself or herself.   An intrinsic part of this enquiry is how every crisis, including violence, can contribute to the awakening of compassion, and can become the teacher and the guide – even through unspeakably challenging times.

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Antropogénesis Las 12 Estancias de Dzyan

E Carbonell, M Leiderman, P Sender, G Torres
Spanish Weekend

Mayo 14 – 16
Viernes 7:3 0 – 9 pm, sábado 10 – 12 y de 2 – 4 pm, domingo 10 – 12 PDT

¿Cómo surgió la humanidad? ¿Quiénes son nuestros antecesores? ¿Cómo fue desenvuelto el pro- grama detransformaciones físicas y psíquico espirituales en las diferentesrazas y sub razas que han surgido hasta el presente? ¿Qué fuerzas einteligencias en nuestro Sistema Solar y Planetario han cooperado eneste proceso? ¿Cuál es el plan para el futuro de la humanidad? Daremos respu- esta a estas y otras preguntas en relación a las 12 Estancias de Dzyan de Antropogénesis de La Doctrina Secreta de HP Blavatsky y de sus comentarios. Haga clic aquí para obtener más información y registrador… 

Secret Doctrine Forum The Reawakening of the Universe: Inquiry and Application

The Secret Doctrine – The Synthesis of Science, Religion, and Philosophy is H.P. Blavatsky’s greatest work. Based on a collection of secret aphorisms known as the “Stanzas of Dzyan,” it presents a panoramic view of the origin and evolution of the universe from an esoteric standpoint. In our biennial gathering, the SD Forum, we study together these teachings in order to arrive at deeper insights and explore their applications to our lives. This year we will inquire into Stanzas I, II, and III of the first volume, which describe the reawakening of the cosmos after a period of rest and the manifestation of the Logos.

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