Krotona School Programs for Fall 2023 … more details to follow

September 29-October 1. Pablo Sender, “Seeking the True Self: A Weekend Meditation Retreat”

October 9-13. Barbara Hebert, “Expanding Our Understanding of Compassion”

October 10 & 12 (afternoons) Mihaela Wachsman, “Movement, Meditation, Breath: A Yoga Practice with Heart”

October 15. Anastasia Katsikaris, “Tarot: Icons of Perennial Wisdom”

October 17-20. Adelle Chabelski, “Reflections on Hope: Acts of Courage and Compassion in Times of Darkness”

October 26 – 29. Third Biennial Secret Doctrine Forum Stanzas IV – V “One and Many: Celestial Hierarchies and the Wonder of Awakening”

November 4. Francine Oller and Ananya Sri Ram, “Communications Across the Veil: Shared Experiences of Life Beyond Life”

November 6 – 9. Aryel Sanat, “Dawn of a New Era: Krishnamurti and the Wisdom Explosion in the American Age”

November 28-December 1. Eduardo Gramaglia and Marcela Pardella, “Living the Teachings of the Gita”

December 1-3 (Spanish Weekend). Eduardo Gramaglia and Marcela Pardella, “El Bhagavad Gita, un texto antiguo para la vida moderna”

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