The Kern Foundation

Herbert A. Kern, Sr.

Herbert A. Kern, a theosophist and industrialist, generously supported the Krotona Institute from 1958 – 1967. During that time he encouraged and funded the building of the guesthouse, with its comfortable apartments and lovely views of the mountains and valley. The guesthouse has been invaluable over the years for housing Krotona’s faculty, students and guests.

Since 1966, the Kern Foundation, with Herbert’s son, John as advising trustee, has supported Krotona School, Library, and Bookshop with generous grants, enabling them to operate at their current level, including bringing faculty to Krotona, offering scholarships, expanding student services and funding new projects. John’s daughter, Louise, assisted for several years with the Foundation’s work for Krotona, including advising on important guesthouse updates. We are grateful for Herbert Kern’s vision, Louise’s support, and John’s insight and dedication.

The Sellon Fund

Emily B. Sellon

Emily B. Sellon, who shared her vast knowledge of theosophy with her students, and John A. Sellon, an investor, were visionaries who devoted their lives to theosophy. It was their wish to support the Krotona School of Theosophy. We are grateful to their sons, Peter, Michael, and Jeffrey, for their generosity and dedication to the support of the Krotona School of Theosophy from 2001 until 2016 in their parents’ names. Sellon funding has enabled the school to provide a comfortable, secure and peaceful learning environment in addition to excellent technical support for faculty, students and staff.

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