Labyrinth at Krotona

The labyrinth at Krotona is a meander that presents a single undivided path, following the seven-circuit Cretan pattern. No choices are needed other than traveling onward through the winding pattern to an assured goal.

The seven circuits of the Cretan labyrinth correspond with the seven spheres of the sacred planets, the seven principles of the human being and the cosmos, the seven days of the week, and other such sevenfold meanings. The winding pattern of the labyrinth also represents the circulation of vital energies within our bodies.

Passing to the center of the labyrinth and returning to its circumference represents the involution and evolution of the universe, the coming into birth and the passing out of earthly life of an individual, and most importantly, a journey into the center of our own being, the achievement there of a quest for wholeness, and the subsequent return to our divine source.

In the labyrinth, as in life, there is no single right way to follow the path.

How do I Walk the Labyrinth?

The labyrinth at the Krotona Institute of Theosophy is a meandering pattern of the seven-circuit Cretan type, with its path delineated by stones. Walk it by entering from the west, where the path begins, and following the path to the center, where you may wish to pause for a few moments. Then turn and retrace your path back out to the starting point. Always complete the pattern by following the path both inward and outward, rather than cutting across the pattern at any point.

This labyrinth is best walked by one person at a time. But if several persons walk it at the same time, they may pass one another, going in either the same direction or opposite to each other, by stepping edgewise around each other.

As you enter the labyrinth, you may focus your thoughts, on a question or concern. You may walk the labyrinth with a quiet mind, sensing without particularizing the wonder of the pattern. Or you may walk it with some of its many symbolic meanings held in your mind as seed thoughts.

Labyrinth Guidelines and Information

Individuals may enjoy the labyrinth during daylight hours, but the campus closes at sundown, so the labyrinth is not available after that.

If larger groups (six or more persons) would like to visit or walk the labyrinth, please contact us ahead of time.

A leaflet with more information is available in the Library foyer. Books about the labyrinth as well as other topics are available at the Bookshop.

There is no charge for using the labyrinth, we are grateful for any donations for its upkeep. You may donate through our website in the Library, Bookshop, or at the School and are tax deductible as charitable contributions.

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