The Theosophical Society in the Ojai Valley

The Ojai Valley Lodge is a local branch of the Theosophical Society  in America. It holds weekly meetings on Tuesdays from 7 – 8 pm, in the School. Though its programs are open to everyone, some are planned especially for TS members. For a list of upcoming programs and information about membership in the Theosophical Society in America, contact

Daily Morning Meditation

A guided group meditation is held TuesdayFriday, from 9 – 9:20 am, in Krotona Hall. The intention is to help us center ourselves in stillness and unity, so we may bring good will, peace and healing to all in need. All are welcome.

The Hall is adjacent to Krotona Library, and both doors to the foyer are open during the meditation.

Theosophical Healing Network

The Krotona circle of the Theosophical Healing Network, a branch of the Theosophical Order of Service, meets every Monday evening at 7 pm in the home of Gracia Fay and Robert Ellwood, 14 Krotona Hill. The simple ceremony and group meditation takes about 15 minutes. We read names both of humans and of companion animals in need of healing. Anyone, whether Theosophist or not, is welcome to attend, to submit names, and to be listed. Names are ordinarily kept on the list for a month, unless renewed. Names for this list may be sent to; both first and last names are preferred.

We welcome participation in this inner work.

Personal and Group Retreats

The Kern Guesthouse is available to qualified members of the Theosophical Society, and to TS lodges and study centers, for retreats and research. For information and an application contact us.

Work-Study Opportunities

Extended stays may be arranged for members engaged in theosophical research, project development, or who may wish to contribute to a specific area of Krotona’s outreach. For information and an application contact us.

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