Dear Friends,

The Board of Directors of the Krotona Institute of Theosophy has cancelled Krotona School classes and closed the Library, Bookshop and Hall through the month of May. This action was taken to protect the health of faculty, students, guests and Krotona residents, by limiting the transmission and spread of corona virus Covid 19.

The Institute’s Information, library, school and business office email, phone and fax lines remain open. USPS and other delivery services will be received, unless future gov’t restrictions apply. Accommodation deposits will be returned.

Fall classes will be listed on our website, the school’s fall brochure will be mailed soon, and planning has begun for winter-spring 2021. Other Krotona services and programs will resume after the emergency has passed. We appreciate your understanding and wish you and your loved ones strength and well-being, as we move through this global health challenge together.


Guru D. Prasad, Resident Head
Maria Parisen, Director, Krotona School
Mary Jo Kokochak, Director, Krotona Library and Research Center
Carol Nicholson, Manager, Krotona Bookshop
Michele Sender, Manager, Krotona Guesthouse

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