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septiembre 29, 2020
  • Understanding Ourselves: A Cosmic Perspective

    Michele & Pablo Sender

    While modern spirituality frequently regards practitioners as individuals,the Theosophical tradition offers a cosmic account of the origin and essential nature of human consciousness. This approach is most evident in H. P. Blavatsky’s masterpiece, The Secret Doctrine.This foundational text presents a multidimensional cosmos that includes physical, intellectual, and spiritual aspects, and regards the individual as a “microcosmos,” that is, a reflection of allthese cosmic dimensions. In this course, Michele and Pablo Sender will explore this cosmic-centered approach to self-knowledge and the unique set of spiritual tools that it provides.

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octubre 3, 2020
  • Meditating on Cosmic Principles

    Pablo Sender

    The practice of meditation is frequently approached from the point of view that we are separate individuals seeking for happiness or liberation. This perspective, however, imposes important limitations as to how far the meditative exploration can take us. In this meditation retreat, Pablo Sender will lead a series of guided meditations geared toward attuning our individual consciousness with its universal roots, thus awakening a deeper understanding of our true nature. The retreat will consist of short presentations explaining the different techniques to be used, followed by 30-minute practice sessions, which will start with guided meditations before passing into silent work. Series $30, Single Session $15.

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octubre 6, 2020
  • An Integrated Approach to The Voice of the Silence

    Martin Leiderman

    We will reflect on H.P. Blavatsky’s classic text based on the idea of the spiritual Path, considering passages from all three Fragments and making a Whole of them. The main point is to see ourselves as the Path, and on the Path, at the same time.  We trek alone, but with karmic-social responsibilities to fellow travellers and to Nature.  A comprehensive understanding of, and meditation on, the Path leads to a better realization of who we are, where we are in our journey, and of the barriers and obstacles we face (internal and external).  It also shows how conscious or unconscious karmic choices we make influence the life that leads to the goal.  The important relation between the end game of The Secret Doctrine, and the Secret Path in The Voice of the Silence, will be addressed.   Series $50,  Single Session $15.
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octubre 13, 2020
  • The Transformational Teachings of the Christ

    Ravi Ravindra

    The spiritual teaching of Christ, like other serious teachings, calls for a radical transformation of our whole being, amounting to a new birth, born of the Spirit.  As the Gospel of Phillip says, Christ came not to make us Christians but to make us Christ.  In order for us to realize the inner Christ, what is required is freedom not for myself but from myself.  For the sake of this spiritual awakening what is needed is an impartial and deep self-inquiry and a baptism of fire and spirit, leading to sacrifice.  The discipline taught by the Christ, like all other transformational teachings, is not easy to practice.  But only those who practice the discipline can be regarded as his disciples.  As Christ himself said, “He who is near me is near the fire; he who is far from me is far from the Kingdom.”  (Gospel of Thomas)     Series $50,  Single Session $15.

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noviembre 6, 2020
  • Ensenanzas esenciales de los escritos de Helena Blavatsky

    Gaspar Torres, Luz Tamarit, Elvira Carbonell

    H. P. Blavataky (HPB), la extraordinaria fuerza del siglo 19, le dio al mundo muchas pistas y claves de la tradición esotérica para que podamos estudiarlas diligente y exhaustivamente durante varias encarnaciones. HPB no solo poseía un agudo intelecto y gran capacidad de expresión, sino que también trató de despertar la percepción y el ideal espiritual en la humanidad. Este fin de semana cuatro oradores traerán varias enseñanzas de las perlas de sus enseñanzas. Entre varios temas, abordaremos la descripción de HPB del peregrinaje de los seres humanos desde los reinos espirituales al mundo terrenal para mas tarde retornar a la Unidad de donde proceden. También veremos lo que HPB dijo sobre la literatura evangélica cristiana, o  sobre otras religiones, desde una perspectiva oculta. Serie Completa $50, Una Sola Sesión $15.

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diciembre 15, 2020
  • The Silent Teaching of a Global Crisis

    Cynthia Overweg

    As this tumultuous year draws to a close, we are now at the threshold of a great reckoning and a great awakening. This is an extraordinary time. While everything seems to be falling apart, there is also a growing awareness of the urgency for transformational change. As a species, we face multiple life-altering crises that demand we wake-up to the damage we’ve done to ourselves and to nature. Together we have been undergoing what John of the Cross called “the dark night.” We’ve been wounded by what we have seen and felt this year. But if we step away from fear, sorrow and conflict, and go inward to the Silence which illuminates the darkness, we can co-create the transformation we long for. Join us for a sensitive exploration into sacred wholeness and healing at a time of uncertainty and possibility. $15.

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