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TS Intensive, January 2014

Sharing the Theosophical World View

Since 1967, the Krotona School has helped students deepen their understanding of the Ageless Wisdom. The School emphasizes education for spiritual renewal so students may orient themselves to eternal truths in a changing world.

The Krotona School of Theosophy welcomes students from around the world. The curriculum maintains a balance between courses, workshops and seminars that focus on basic theosophy and those that deal with allied subjects such as comparative religion, meditation, yoga, science, and philosophy.

Most programs are intended for public outreach and education, but a few training programs and retreats are only for members of the Theosophical Society. The school provides a setting for students to equip themseves to lead more meaningful lives of service and to gain competence in the sharing of theosophy.


A limited number of comfortable apartments with kitchens is available for students and faculty. As Krotona has no central dining area, guests arrange for their own meals. We can assist with grocery shopping if needed. Most accommodations are shared. Current rates are listed in the Accommodation Application, available for download below.

Priority is given to members of the Theosophical Society and to students registering for two or more weeks. An application is needed from students who are requesting accommodations for the first time.

Visit the Forms & Brochures page to download the Accommodations Application.

During their stay in Krotona, guests are required to abide by our community's practices.

Out of consideration for those with medical conditions and other concerns, we cannot accommodate pets in guest quarters. An exception may be considered for a service animal, providing a suitable unit is available.

Class Registration

Thank you for pre-registering for class if possible. A downloadable registration form is provided below for your convenience, contact Annie directly, or write, phone, or fax for reservations. Pre-registration is required for some classes, noted in the brochure, and always helps us to prepare for class materials and refreshments.

Visit the Forms & Brochures page to download the Class Registration Form.


Scholarship assistance for accommodations and/or class tuition is available for some programs to qualified members of the Theosophical Society and other students in need. You may request an application at the time of registration. Scholarship students help with various activities of the school during their visit.

Course Tuition

Patron tickets include all events of each term. Request the patron ticket cost for the term you may be interested in. Tuition fees help us to provide quality, affordable programs. For those students who are able, donations above the suggested fees are greatly appreciated.

Ordering Class Recordings

Contact Rochelle for audio-recording lists, prices and ordering information. A listing for the current term is included in the brochure available for download below.

Visit the Forms & Brochures page to download the Current School Brochure.

Hearing Loop Assistance

The School classroom is equipped with a wireless assistive hearing system that sends a clear, pure sound to hearing aids that have a "telecoil" or "t-coil". The signal is received without background noise and without the need to use any additional equipment. If you need hearing assistance but do not have a hearing aid, a portable receiver is also available.

Further Information

Please contact the School for more information.