Ksanti, Patience Sweet (and When Is It Not Enough)

Doug Keene

April 16 10:00 am – noon PT On-site and Zoom

We are often told patience is a virtue. But is it really, and in what circumstances? Why is it so frustrating to hear this? Can it be of value by itself, or are there other factors for consideration? Doug Keene will look at the Paramitas (six transcendental virtues) in general, and specifically discuss ksanti, or patience, and see how this relates to inner development and progress on a spiritual quest. Additionally, he will address how this applies to our external world, particularly in this time of crisis.

Douglas Keene, MD is currently the national president of the Theosophical Society in America in Wheaton, IL. He has been a member of the TSA for over 40 years and participated in programs in Krotona, Olcott, and Adyar. A retired family physician, he practiced for more than 33 years, initially in rural northwest Alaska, above the Arctic circle. Later in his career he earned a Masters of Public Health degree in Global Health following which he worked in Lesotho (Africa) for two years training native doctors. When not in Illinois, he lives in New Hampshire with his wife Risa.