Reclaiming the Sacred Feminine:

A Transforming Power

Cynthia Overweg,

On site and Zoom

April 25 – 27
Tuesday – Thursday 10 – noon

“Every living being comes from the Mother of us all.” –Lao Tzu

In myth, art, music, poetry and spiritual literature, the Sacred Feminine is a transforming power that unites the mind with the compassion of the heart. While the Sacred Feminine is beyond gender and form, conceptually it is the Feminine Principle that gave birth to the matrix of all life. She is our Cosmic Mother and the Earth is part of her manifestation. For centuries the Sacred Feminine has been suppressed, exploited, demeaned and misunderstood. Sufi mystic and author, Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, put it this way: “We need to reclaim the sacred feminine both for our individual spirituality and for the well-being of the planet.”

Our sessions together will explore the significance of the Sacred Feminine through time, in the world as it is today, and in a re-imagined world that embraces the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine as primal energies and unified polarities in the mysterious dance of life. Single session $15 Series $50

Cynthia Overweg facilitates workshops and retreats that focus on self-transformation and inner stillness from a nondual perspective. She is the author of Silent Awareness: The Revelation That Changes Everything and the forthcoming book, Awareness Meditations, as well as numerous articles about the spiritual quest that have been published internationally.