Reflections on Hope: Acts of Courage and Compassion in Times of Darkness

Adelle Chabelski

On site and Zoom
October 17 – 20 Tuesday – Friday 10 am – noon PDT

During times of persecution and war, both ordinary and influential people have acted selflessly and with courage and compassion to help others. Even under the threat of death, these people upheld the highest human values in an attempt to save lives and ease the suffering of the innocent. Through their stories, we will see how such men and women of conscience – in the face of brutality, mass murder, and indifference – rescued the dignity of humanity, restoring our faith in universal principles and in the bonds we share. Today as the flames of bigotry and hatred are being fanned globally, such people inspire and empower us, showing that each can make a difference. The class will focus on these acts during the Holocaust in WWII and touch on present day challenges.
Single session $15 Series $50

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Adelle Chabelski, translator, writer and human rights advocate, was consultant and interviewer for two award-winning documentaries, one on the Former Soviet Union and the other, produced by Steven Spielberg, on the Holocaust. She served on the Women’s Rights Committee of Human Rights watch, has chaired international conferences on human rights issues and has guided academic and professional delegations, including peace delegations. She covered the UN War Crimes Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia in the Hague, Netherlands. Among other presentations, Adelle has taught for the Krotona School and served as president of the T.S. in the Ojai Valley. Currently, she is translating a collection of satirical short stories entitled “Bombshells.”