Tarot: Icons of Perennial Wisdom

Anastasia Katsikaris

Onsite and Zoom
Sunday, October 15 2 – 4 pm PDT

Tarot cards have fascinated occultists, artists, and fortune tellers from their inception in Renaissance Italy to the contemporary Tarot Renaissance. We will explore the visual wisdom encoded in Tarot’s Major Arcana – from its Neo Platonic and Hermetic roots in the Renaissance up to its modern iteration emerging from the Occult Revival of the 1890’s. We’ll touch upon Theosophical concepts embedded in Tarot and explore how to use its rich iconography as a visual guide to universal wisdom teachings and a pathway to the soul’s realization. Single session $15

Anastasia Katsikaris has been reading Tarot for 44 years and practicing Vedic Astrology for 10 years. She holds a BA from the University of California, Santa Barbara College of Creative Studies and is a graduate of the Academy of Vedic Sciences 3-year Jyotish certification. She has studied Ayurveda in both the USA and India. Her groundbreaking research into the connections between Vedic Astrology, Renaissance Tarocchi, and modern Tarot decodes many of Tarot’s mysteries and distinguishes folklore from fakelore. Anastasia lives and volunteers at Krotona in Ojai, CA with her partner and two cats. For information about readings, classes and The Yoga of Tarot book release, please visit www.anastasia-tarot-vedic-astrology.com