Yoga and the Journey of Self Transformation

Ravi Ravindra
Yoga and the Journey of Self Transformation

11 Classes 10 am – 12 noon PDT (Krotona Classroom and Zoom)
March 15 – 18 and 22 – 25 Tuesday – Friday
March 29 – 31 Tuesday – Thursday
All serious teachings insist on a radical self-transformation in order to make any connection with the Truth or God or the Real. Although the description of the demands of transformation vary, in general the transformation leads to freedom from my usual self. This necessitates an impartial self-inquiry in order to understand the self of which I need to be free and the call of the Self which I need to understand and follow. The Self [or Purusha] is a part and parcel of the Highest Reality and the call is for each one of us is to become an instrument of the Divine will, bringing our own unique talent of service. A searcher soon becomes deeply interested in the long but adventurous journey of inner transformation. We will undertake a detailed study of the Yoga Sutras, the classic of Yoga, and will explore how the practice and theory of Yoga corresponds to this inner voyage of transformation.

Single Session $15, Series $150
Ravi Ravindra, PhD is professor emeritus at Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada, where he taught in the departments of physics, philosophy and comparative religion. He has authored many papers in these fields and several books, including Pilgrim Soul; the Gospel of John in the Light of Indian Mysticism; Science and the Sacred; The Wisdom of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and The Bhagavad Gita: A Guide to Navigating the Battle of Life.

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